Blood donor chair

Blood donor chair

Blood donor armchair, on wheels, fixed armrest 364750
Blood donor armchair, on wheels 364850
Blood donor armchair – Desidia, hydraulic operated 364860
Electric blood donor armchair – Day Clinic 384300
Electric blood donor armchair – Idea Clinic 384350
Blood donor armchair, ind. adjustable backrest, legrest, on wheels PG64003
Műszaki adatok: 364850, 364750 384350 384300 PG64003
Dimensions with elevated backrest. 850 x 750 x 1250 mm 850 x 870 x 1130 mm
Dimensions with lowered backrest and elevated footrest. 1600 x 750 x 1250 mm 1660 x 580 mm
Backrest adjustment: 0-80°
Legrest adjustment: 0-95°
Width of seating 520 mm
Depth of seating: 450 mm
Wheels: Ø125 mm Ø100 mm Ø125 mm
Width of backrest: 520 mm
Height of seating (from floor): 450 mm 470 mm
Height of backrest: 800 mm 1130 mm
Trendelenburg position: electric
Safe working load: 130 kg 200 kg 130 kg

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Welded steel frame construction with plastic-based paint. The three-part structure can be mechanically controlled separately (with gas spring), hydraulic operated for type 364860, electrically controlled for types 384350 and 384300. Easy to maneuver with 100/125 mm diameter wheels, two of which can be braked.

Behind the backrest is the push handle.

The electrically operated blood donor chair is controlled by push-button remote control, which is suitable for the following functions:

- backrest adjustment;

- legrest adjustment;

- pre-set push-button to "chair" position, in which the backrest and the leg rest restored to its original position;

- pre-set push-button "Trendelenburg", aligning all the sections with the seat (5°).

Available accessories


IV pole


IV pole (for PG64003)


Roll holder (for 384300)


IV pole (for 384300)